Our Business


Mobile Monetisation

Cellmasti India Pvt. Ltd. has gained extensive experience and know-how in designing, marketing and delivering digital content campaigns and undertaking consulting services, directly to consumers (D2C) across India & neighboring countries. Our strong media know-how and executable approaches, leads to effective and profitable cross-channel monetization.

Digital Marketing

This team is fully dedicated to mobile marketing, planning, designing and managing marketing campaigns through a hands-on and consultancy approach; leveraging on its global experience in digital media, its partner network and technology assets. The niche portfolio of marketing tools from world-class experts, delivering mobile marketing services that range from standard solutions (search and display advertising, SMS/MMS permission marketing) to innovative and customized projects (contests and instant win, UGC content and communities, mobile sites, ringback tone ads, branded mobile applications & games) in order to help brands, advertising agencies and media groups; to deliver high levels of return on investment. The offer is based on ready-to-use complete solutions for the clients, harmonized with the whole marketing strategy. Our Solution's team have developed and successfully managed several mobile marketing campaigns, with leadings Media Agencies and Brands

Rich-media Content Services

We offers entertaining and engrossing content for mobile users, keeping in mind the engaging and interactive mobile medium. Our strategic tie-ups with global content partners and quality web portals, along with the team-on-ground gets us the best and latest content, for our customers and potential partners who intend to source entertainment content across various genres, for their business.

Manage Platforms

We offer world-class mobile marketing to potential companies, who wishes to set-up their digital marketing companies, or who wishes to try their hands on mobile marketing. We deliver leading-edge customer experience and engagement solutions that drive customers' acquisition, deep engagement, and retention success, enhancing the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

Advisory Services

Our team is significantly trained to pull user-signals across diverse data fields and systems to gauge the customer-intent from the same; with an objective to drive success-oriented analysis for business growth and expansion. A fully dedicated to mobile marketing team plans, designs, develops and manages marketing and advertising campaigns through a practical and consultancy approach, leveraging on its global experience in digital media, its partner network and data-driven technology assets. Our competency lies in professionalizing the customer experience, by providing a quick and easy to adopt solutions, and seek early gains.